Driven people have goals.  It's that simple.  When Colts Super Bowl Champion punter Hunter Smith decided to retire from football, he knew he'd accomplished that goal.  But "retirement" didn't mean rest.  Smith went full-throttle to embark on his life-long goal of starting a band.

The first step was to strategically put together an eclectic group of musicians; then couple them with Smith's diverse catalogue of self-written, biographical songs. Next came the challenge of melding a singer/songwriter approach with a very serious and unique country-rock sound. He pulled it off.  It's called the Hunter Smith Band.

Don't expect to put the Hunter Smith Band into one genre, or music "bucket".   Part country, part rock, part pop, part alternative, ALL exceedingly entertaining and original.  Expect energy, musicianship, and rootsy storytelling by lead singer Smith (who has a quick sense of humor to boot and has experienced a few things most front men haven't).  Alongside Smith, who plays acoustic guitar and lead vocals, are:  bassist, Kyle Whiteley, lead guitarist Justin Langebartels, utility man and guitarist Ethan Ehrstine, and drummer Alex Reiff.

The Hunter Smith Band is based in Indiana and epitomizes all that is right about the modern era of pop country/rock music. "I'm not a discontent person," Smith says, "but I was growing unhappy with the direction of pop music for some time. Maybe this sounds idealistic, but I believe you can have both—artistic integrity and a relevant sound. That's what HSB is about." Smith contends this is not a typical "cross-over" effort by an ex-professional athlete. "I've been writing and performing music all my life. This is just the next logical step for me and for the band." And the next step is a good one.

Following the success of their debut album, "Green", Hunter Smith Band is currently touring venues across the country.  Their sophomore album, "Story" has a story to tell.  And from the extremely prolific songwriter that Smith is, you can rest-assure that it's a great story.